Nowadays, Dubai is considered as one of the most significant financial and business centers, not only in its area, but the entire world. More and more businesses that spread in the Middle East choose Dubai as the center of the operations, opening offices over there. CEO’s, investors and businessmen from all over the world are frequent guests. As a result of that, the demand for exotic car rentals has never been bigger. Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Porsche, Range Rover are some of the brands that are popular with the business visitors in Dubai. Even though that there is a demand for other exotic cars, the demand for the mentioned brands is always high. They sometimes even joke, to go to Dubai and not to rent a luxury car with a chauffeur service in Dubai is as if you have never visited the Emirate.

On the other hand even though that there are plenty of rental services in Dubai, almost each advertised as the best, while only few can be truly considered as the best. However, there are features that can point you to a top class exotic car rental service in Dubai. Here is what you need to consider when browsing for such service. This is a list of questions that can help you decide which service is worthy your money and which not so much;

  • The condition of their cars?

This is important wherever you might be looking for a rent a car service in the world, not only in Dubai. You don`t want to drive ten years old range rover and yet to pay premium money for it. There is no harm in asking and can tell a lot about the type of the company. This should reduce the number of service to only few. From that point on the chances to go with the wrong car rental service are reduced to minimum.

  • Do they deliver their cars?

Not all car rental services are place near the airport or in the center of the city. A top rent a cart service should be able to deliver a vehicle to a destination of your choosing. They need to be able to arrange the car to be waiting for you at a certain destination at a given time. If they can’t handle that, then you need to go to the next service in line. Regardless if you are at a hotel, at an airport, or at any other given location, they need to have the resources to do so. Read more in this regard.

  • Do they have a chauffeur service?

Most of the best exotic luxury car rent services in Dubai have professional drivers that you can hire along with the car. Most of them are locals, which mean they are well familiar with the area, while some of them can drive you across the country without any problem. In case you decide to do your own driving you need to be aware that you need international driver’s license.